Empowering individuals to transform their lives through fitness, nutrition and mindset.

Driven by my three pillars - Prepare, Endure, Survive - I offer a holistic approach to personal growth. Through my dynamic fitness media platform, I provide educational and inspiring content to help individuals prepare, endure challenges, and overcome setbacks. Together, we're fostering a supportive community, empowering each other to unleash our full potential.

My journey reflects resilience, passion, and relentless pursuit of excellence across various disciplines - from athletics to business ownership and beyond, serving as inspiration for all.

  • Single Session Consult - $300

    • 1 hour Zoom or phone call
    • For those who want help right away
    • Discuss health history, fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress in your life & what adjustments can be made now
    • Customized macronutrients to help you with your nutrition goals
    • Follow up email with call details & notes
  • Prepare Endure Survive Program - $40/month

    • Monthly fitness program to help you lose fat, build strength & create a healthy lifestyle
    • 1-hour training: warmup, mobility drills, strength training, cardio component & core accessory work
    • 5 days of training, 2 days of rest, 1 mindset task each week
    • Video coaching for all exercises
  • 1-on-1 Remote Coaching - $500/month

    • Personalized programming for your goals with video coaching
    • Weekly accountability: 15-min check-in calls each week
    • Coaching feedback on all videos 
    • Discuss nutrition goals & receive a starting guide of customized macros
    • Unlimited chat & support from me via True Coach app
    • Discount on comprehensive blood test & analysis
  • "When I signed up for a coach to help aid me in the preparation for The Tactical Games I thought I was going to get a standard template of training to follow. I had no idea working with Margaux that she would put together such an amazing training, nutrition, & supplement program that not only trained me in higher  performance but incorporated my training with my weapons as well. She also was always working hard to help make all this fit into my schedule, lifestyle, injuries, Etc. I highly recommend Margaux as a coach if you looking for a well rounded & seasoned athlete/coach that knows how to elevate your performance and skills.I am gratful for the opportunity to work with her!"

    - Ben Uphold

    "I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you do. Your app is amazing. I have worked out my whole life and have followed several different programs.

    Unfortunately most of which become boring and mundane after time. So I always reverted back to self programming. Which turns into only doing the movements I like to do and that I am comfortable with. Your programming takes me out of that comfort zone. But what I like most is, it is perfect for all around good fitness which is exactly what I needed. Never gets boring. I’m always challenged but never over worked. I am able to RX some of the workouts but never feel under worked if I scale or modify.

    Your passion for fitness and helping others shines in every conversation and video you make. I truly appreciate all you do for your community."

    - Dave Pullen

  • "Covid and injuries hit me so hard. It was a perfect storm but Margaux’s training helped me find a program that fits me.  I had failed so many times training by myself at home but not with this program!  I am so grateful for the requirement to check in, the mindfulness day and three stages of training (scaled, body weight and weights)."

    - Robin Lewis

    "This app by far has got me back motivated and Margaux's support with everything is amazing!! You can do this at any age and with any issues you may have. She brings all modifications to the table. I have to say out of all the apps I have tried THIS by far has been my best support."

    - Kristina Pullen

    "The motivation was how inspiring and genuine you are, you're a role model to me someone look up to. I admire how strong you are and how motivated you are! So just seeing how consistent and thorough you are! 

    Once I started using the app- the instructions were easy to follow and even though you're not in the room with me I can hear you cheering me on and pushing me to finish the workouts! 

    I know following you on social definitely played a huge part. Posting instructional easy to follow videos helped in the decision!

    You are amazing, thank you for being my biggest motivator to better myself."

    - Brandi Moya

  • "9 months ago, I wasn’t able to walk (ruptured right achilles). I came across some of Margaux Alvarez’s fitness videos on Instagram, and it just looked really cool, fun, and made me wish I could do a lot of those things. 

    I DM’d her, and to my surprise (wow! Lolol), she responded! I told her about how I was recovering from surgery and asked if her program could help me with my recovery and fitness goals. 

    I can tell you today that her workouts (via her app) have helped in a huge way. Way above and beyond expectations and having a good recovery from a serious injury. I was barely able to front squat 95 pounds when I first started, and now I’m able to do 185 easily. Went from zero pull ups to being able to do 8 strict (and going up!). From 15 lb dumbbell step ups & regular lunges to 35 lbs (and going up!) 

    I could go on, but you get the picture I think. Haha. 

    Anyway, I’m in the best shape of my life now, and besides the workouts and the app being good, Margaux is supportive and provides as much help as a trainer can virtually and not being onsite. For me it’s been a godsend because of not being able to afford hundreds of dollars a month to spend on things, and I can do the workouts whenever my schedule permits. 

    I strongly recommend. You will have a blast, and it’s a great value."

    - John Mullins

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